Ayurveda Trust

Ayurvidye TRust

Ayurvidye Bangalore Research and Training Trust, referred as Ayurvidye Trust is in existence since 2009. It is registered Under Section 12A R/w Section 12AA (1) (b) (i) and Section 80G (2) (a) (iv) r.w.s.80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

It is mainly concentrating on research and training. The Trust has been active in conducting and supporting collaborative research on topics like “DNA finger printing of herbs”, “Microscopic identification of herbal powders through an IT tool”, “Studies on Ayurvedic beshaj kalpana process”, Conducting training courses on “scientific writing”, “Developing phytopharmaceuticals as drugs” and other topics. The trust provides significant scientific inputs and partial financial grants to young PG students and research scholars in schools of pharmacy and other sciences within the limited resources available. Its Chief Scientific Officer has published a number of thought provoking and leading research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals apart from professional articles in various magazines. Trust has published a book in 2014 Titled Good Ayurvedic Therapy Practices. In 2018 the trust published second book titled” Herbaceuticals -beginning of journey to nutraceuticals”.

Mr R Lakshmikeshav (well known structural engineer, architect and consultant), Dr. Amit Agarwal (Director, M/s Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd, CEO, M/s Herbartizan) and Mrs. Vijaya A Narayana (retired AO, LIC of India) are the Trustees.

The chief scientific officer Dr. DBA Narayana, Professor Vidhu Aeri and Dharya Singh contributed chapters and inputs through the publication of a book “Powdered Crude Drug Microscopy of leaves and barks, published by ELSEVIER” in 2020. The said book is the culmination of the actual experiment based data of listed authenticated barks and leaves. Also, a project entitled‘Development of IT Tool for identity of Crude Powdered Botanicals through Analytical Microscopy’ was granted by DBT-BIRAC, Government of India, under PACE (AIR) Scheme in 2019.